Winter Flower Song artist Younha reveals why she and RM had to write the song via email



K-pop fans got an amazing surprise when BTS frontman RM collaborated with Younha to work on the song Winter flower. The song was released in a touching track on Younha’s new mini album. Unstable state of mind. Winter flower has already wowed K-pop fans because of his brilliant music and beautiful but dark lyrics that deal with the importance of mental health. Singer Younha recently revealed that while she and RM wanted to work on a project together for a long time, they couldn’t find the right time to collaborate. She further reveals some interesting details about how she and the BTS frontman worked together to make the song a reality.

Younha reveals why she and RM had to write Winter Flower lyrics via email

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According to a recent report from an entertainment portal, Younha wanted to work with the leader of BTS RM for as long as possible. However, it was not until the design of Winter flower that the two decided to collaborate. The reason was that there was no music that would have the right subject or the right synergy, so Younha didn’t suggest anything. But then musician Edenary drew her a drawing and she finally sent the suggestion to RM.

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Younha further revealed that she and RM barely sat together during the making of Winter flower. She said it was not easy to coordinate the schedules, so they worked on it over the phone. They communicated on the lyrics by exchanging several emails in prose. She further added that they congratulated each other saying they had fought well.

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Younha and RM’s hard work has indeed paid off, as the song has undoubtedly become a worldwide phenomenon. Thanks to Winter flower, Younha has now made history as the first Korean singer to top the US iTunes chart. Furthermore, Winter flower even outclassed Justin Bieber’s recently released song,Delicious, on the music charts.

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