Video of the new song “Writing on the Wall”!

Artist: Iron Maiden | Photographer: Enrico Dal Boni | Date: June 16, 2018 | Event: Rocks of Florence | Place: Visarno Arena | City: Florence

The iron Virgin Release the new songThe Graffiti‘, accompanied by the video you will find below.

The song was written by the guitarist Adrien Black-smith and the singer Bruce Dickinson. The production was managed by Kevin Shirley e Steve Harris.

The video was shot in collaboration with two former CEOs Pixar The winners and former fans of iron VirginAnd the sign Andrews e André Gordon. Video directed by the director Nikos Life, Al feet Blinking ink, a London-based animation studio.

Bruce dickinson Comments:

“I had a very precise idea of ​​the concept of the video and when I met sign e André, in Zoom, it was immediately evident that we were all on the same page, and this was further enhanced by the addition of Nikos and his young team of Blinking ink. Zoom’s weekly meetings were both so creative and so fun!

I am very proud of the result of the video. It’s like a little movie actually. I knew it would work soon sign He brought my ideas to life with his wonderful storyboards. I thought we could create something very special together. I think we did and hope our fans will agree. In fact, it was practically created by fans. Virgin!!! “

Director, Nikos Life Add:

“We quickly found the experience we wanted and people rushed to me to work on a video. Virgin. Over 60 people worked in 13 countries, from Brazil to France and Romania to the United States, and each made their own contribution to the video. I would say their love, passion and knowledge of the band shines through every picture. “

The GraffitiAvailable on all streaming platforms. Currently, the group has not announced whether or not this piece will appear on a new album.
Here is the cover of the song:

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