Tum Hi Aana by Jubin Nautiyal


“India Listening” is a preview of the music that is very popular in the country at the moment and whether it is worth spending time.

Some songs let you know how they want you to feel when you listen to them in a subtle way. Others take a much more direct approach. “Tum Hi Aana” from the upcoming film Marjaavaan is one of the most prominent examples of the second approach in the recent past.

Everything about this song is gloomy. The piano melody in the intro, the vocals, the lyrics, the violin, the sarangi-sounding part and the mid-tempo beat all work together to express how sad this song is. All of its components emphasize the central theme of the song, separation.

That being said, the fact that this song is meant to be sad isn’t a problem. The fact that it relies heavily on things considered very typically sad, like the notes used in melodies and instrumentation, indicates a lack of creativity.

It seems that there is no other way to interpret this song. Which, if you’re sad and need something to reflect that feeling, is great. If not, avoid this one.

Overall, “Tum Hi Aana” only does one thing very well, but not in a particularly creative or original way.

Who will love it: People who like sad and introspective music.

Good: the voice of Jubin Nautiyal, the way the instruments work together.

The bad: “Tum Hi Aana” can be a little too sad.

The verdict: “Tum Hi Aana” by Marjaavaan deserves to be heard at least once. If you’re into it, you’ll probably end up repeating it.

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