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Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Gallie presents Sionnach Rua’s Great Irish Song Book at Ararat Town Hall on Wednesday 27 April. The stage show will give the audience the feeling of visiting an Irish bar without having to leave their home town. Gallie said the music would be “world class” and a night not to be missed. “We’re bringing the culture of a whole other country to Ararat and they’re really going to appreciate it,” he said. “I’m going to make them cry, laugh and stomp. Between the songs there will be stories and snippets of Irish history, there will be something for everyone.” South, Gallie said Ararat was very close to his heart. “I was in Austria and I saw this beautiful thing go by on a snowboard,” he said. “I chased her down from the mountain to get his number; that was 23 years ago, and we now have two children. “It turned out she was from Ararat, so I go to Ararat all the time now. Ararat was the first place I went to when I landed in Australia, so it’s a pretty special place to me.” For the past two years, Gallie has kept busy while unable to perform, although he looks forward to returning to the stage on April 27. a regular salary every week to, I think, do eight concerts in two years. “I’m not one to sit and wait, so during lockdown I went to college and studied visual arts because I’m also a painter. “Although it’s great now that the world seems to be opening up again and I encourage everyone in Ararat to come out and support my first gig.” Growing up in Ireland, Gallie said he was immersed in music from an early age. “In Ireland, there is music everywhere and everyone is playing, when we were kids that was all we did,” he said. “We used to meet in someone’s shed and play music. “There are only three ways out of Dublin. It’s boxing, football or music. I wasn’t much of a fighter and I was brutal at football so the only chance I had left was the music.” for Gaillie was playing a 1,000-seat sold-out show in Brazil in 2020. “I was invited to do a festival and they said they would have an orchestra for me,” he said. “I thought they would have a few violins and a cello, maybe. “They led me to the rehearsal space and I walked into this huge hall with a 46-piece orchestra and a conductor , it was so surreal, it was just amazing.” Sionnach Rua’s Great Irish Song Book stage performance comes to Ararat Town Hall on April 27 and is sponsored by Ararat Rural Town Council and Ararat Live.” We would like to thank them for helping us organize the event and we look forward to seeing the people of Ararat experience Irish culture,” Gallie said. “Ararat is a great town with great people , can’t wait to be there.” While you’re with us, you can now get updates straight to your inbox from the Ararat announcer. To make sure you’re up to date with all news from across Ararat County, subscribe here.


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