Paul McCartney says he mentally consults John Lennon when writing songs



Paul McCartney has revealed that he always mentally consult with his former Beatles mate John Lennon when writing songs.

In an interview with Uncut (Going through NME), Paul McCartney explained that he always wonders what John Lennon would think of his music.

“We’ve been working together for so long, I think, ‘okay, what would he think of that? What would he say now? We would both agree that this new song I’m talking about is getting nowhere, ”he said.

“So instead of just sitting there, we would destroy it and recreate it. I started this process yesterday in the studio. I removed the voice and decided to write a new voice. I think it’s going in a better direction now.

McCartney also spoke about Lennon’s recent 80th birthday and the mixed emotions he felt on the occasion.

“It was happy sad… It reminds me that he was murdered – but it also reminds me of the fantastic times we had. I tend to think back to the early days, ”he said.

He continued: “I remember we once tried to hitchhike to Spain, but we only went to Paris. We loved it so much, we stayed there, just the two of us. We were in this little hotel in Paris; it was so cheap there were chips. My mom was a nurse, we were very hygienic, and then you end up there – damn it! These things bring you together.

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“I had great hitchhiking experiences with John and George. George and I went to Wales once, we ended up in Harlech. Another time we decided to head south from Liverpool. We ended up in Exeter. We found a British Legion club where we could have a beer. So when I think about John’s 80th birthday, these are the things I think about. It makes me happy to have shared all this with him, “he concluded.

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