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“India is listen to” is a look at what music is very popular in the country at the moment and if it is worth spending time.

Divine is one of the most important voices in Indian hip hop. From partial inspiration for Zoya director Akhtar Gully Boy to the first Indian artist signed by hip-hop mainstay Nas and Universal Music Group label Mass Appeal India, Divine has firmly cemented her place as one of the heavyweights. heavy Indian hip-hop. His latest track, “Kohinoor”, is a nod to where he came from and who he is.

“Kohinoor” begins with a short intro and as soon as that ends the song is relentless. It’s hard to break this song down into verses or brackets or whatever you would find in a more pop hip hop song. Divine starts rapping and doesn’t let go for two breathtaking minutes. Much like Nas, the artist who signed him, Divine aims to prove that his songs don’t need a chorus to be convincing.

Divine’s caliber as a rapper capable of writing compelling lyrics is beyond doubt at this point. But his reintroduction to the world through Mass Appeal needed a song that showcased his talent and let people outside India know who he is. As such, the searing verse includes various references to Mumbai, its crew, and even Gully Boy.

It’s not a perfect song though. There is a change of pace towards the end of the song that feels totally out of place. The change from the sample crossing the track to the trap drums is shocking and strange.

Overall, “Kohinoor” is a track that Divine puts her best to show for the world to see.

Who will love: Divine fans, Hip Hop fans without chorus.

Good: Words and flow of Divine.

The bad: The odd time changes towards the end.

The verdict: “Kohinoor” may not be for everyone, but Divine uses it to assert her place in Indian Hip Hop.

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