Neendo se Breakup by Meet Bros and Nikhil D’Souza


“India is listen to” is an overview of the music very popular in the country at the moment and if it is worth spending time.

The formula behind “Neendo Se Breakup” is simple. Play on your writing strengths, use solid vocal tracks, and top it all off with as much cheese as you can. Nikhil D’Souza and the Meet Bros show that this formula, although simple, is foolproof.

The song begins slowly with a throbbing bassline, guitars and a handful of tabla. It goes from verse to pre-chorus with a very typical rock music build-up on a snare drum before the drums are forcefully introduced. This is the first chorus where the third part of the formula really shines.

After the metaphorical break with sleep, the lyrics take an exceptionally straightforward approach to expression. “My feeling for you / is deep down so true / life after life / I love you,” sing the Meet Bros. brothers. minutes before finally calming down.

There is no pretension in “Neendo Se Breakup”. It features solid vocal performances, simple writing and subtle touches like sections featuring tabla. All of these elements work together to make this a well-made love song that highlights parting.

Who will love it: Insomniacs, Nikhil D’Souza fans.

Good: The vocals are well done, the drums come out.

The bad: It’s a bit too long.

The verdict: “Neendo Se Breakup” is a well-constructed song that you will enjoy if you like soft rock.

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