Mike Brosig Sr. writes a song, a book to share with the community

Retired local businessman Mike Brosig Sr. has written a song and a children’s book that he wants to share with his family, friends and the Johnstown community.

The song, titled “COVID-19 Lessons Learned,” was inspired by memories of growing up in the 1950s before computers, the internet or social media became part of family life.

“This time of the COVID-19 pandemic has given us a taste of what this (life) was like,” he said. “As we were largely under stay-at-home status, I started thinking about how this condition paralleled my life as a child. I remembered (that) back then, most families were strong, stayed together and interacted more intimately, creating strong family values.

“I woke up one morning with a unique melody in my head and played it on the piano. I then decided to use it to capture my thoughts from some things I learned when I was young. Singing (the lyrics) along with the melody left me with very positive feelings and sensations.

Community musicians then lent their talents to record the song for him.

“I had the music and lyrics for the song copyrighted and an enhanced piano version developed by Joe Gaunt,” he said. “It was performed as an adult contemporary song by local artists Jackie Kopco-Shawley, Walt Churchey and Bo Moore. At Denise Baldwin’s suggestion, I sent this version of the song to Nashville Trax (a recording studio) and they produced a country demo of the song, which I recently sent out to 18 different publishers around the world. hope a country artist performs the song.”

Additionally, Brosig wrote and illustrated a children’s book titled “The Story of the ‘Grape’ Pumpkin”.

“I find that a lot of kids growing up sometimes feel like they just don’t fit in,” he said. “So I made up a story based on a strangely shaped green grape struggling to figure out how and when it would find its place in life and (how it) finally finds a place.”

He gave 17 copies of the book to his grandchildren, nieces and nephews at Christmas.

Both versions of the song and the children’s book are posted on his YouTube channel. To find the recordings, visit youtube.com and search for Mike Brosig Sr. or copy this link into the browser window: youtube.com/channel/UCkrQ_s8ufi_nWvaCkkHdvOQ?guided_help_flow=5.

“My hope is that . . . in these turbulent times, (the song and the book can) get people thinking and interacting with their loved ones,” he said.

Brosig, 70, and his wife have been married for 50 years and have three children and five grandchildren. The Brosigs have lived in Johnstown all their lives except for the four years he served in Turkey with the US Air Force. During his professional career, he held management positions in several companies in the region. He has also served on numerous community organizations, including President of the Chamber of Commerce (now the Cambria Regional Chamber), United Way, various JARI organizations, and the Stone Bridge Lighting Project, among others. He was inducted into the Greater Johnstown/Cambria County Business Hall of Fame in 2019.

In 2017, he published a book for entrepreneurs called “Ride the Waves of Ownership Change”.

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