LiSA’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie Theme is # 1 Download Song for 13 Consecutive Weeks – News



The song now has 843,000 downloads

LiSAthe single “Homura”, the theme song of the Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The movie: Mugen Train anime, has been ranked # 1 on Oricon’s Weekly Digital Singles Rankings for 13 consecutive weeks. It sold 26,200 downloads during the week of January 4-10 for a new total of 843,281 downloads.

Last month, in its 11th week at No.1 on the weekly digital singles chart, the song topped Kenshi YonezuThe 2018 single “Lemon” is the longest-running # 1 single on the charts. The song also sold 56,149 physical copies in the same week to place fifth on the CD singles chart and add to its cumulative total of 1,004,879 physical copies. It is the first single to sell a million physical copies in 2020, and LiSAis the second single to accomplish this feat after “Gurenge”. The song also won the song of the year award at the 62nd Japan Record Awards.

In early December, Billboard Japan’s streaming song chart recorded the song streaming 100 million times since its October 12 release.

The song is the third single to rank No.1 on Oricon’s weekly digital singles chart for at least six consecutive weeks, after Kenshi YonezuThe 2018 single “Lemon” and the 2019 single “Uma to Shika” accomplished the feat. LiSA is also the first female artist to accomplish this feat.

The single “Homura” was released on October 14 and sold 68,000 copies on CD in its first week. LiSA is the first artist to rank # 1 for three consecutive weeks in 12 years and 10 months, since the group SMAP achieved the feat with their single “Dangan Fighter” in January 2008.

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