Led Zeppelin: “Every album, every song” is now available


Sonicbond editions has published “Led Zeppelin: every album, every song” of Steve pilkington.

Think about ZEPPELIN LED and the image that would come to mind would be of the band riding the world as the archetypal “rock gods”, defining the 1970s like no other artist has. Dig deeper though, and there’s a lot more to do ZEPPELIN than hard rock and swagger, with folk and blues that have strongly crisscrossed their catalog from the very beginning. This book explores each ZEPPELIN LED track recorded during their existence a decade before John bonhamthe death of ‘her brings down the curtain, with facts, anecdotes, analyzes and a small dose of humor here and there.

Tastes of “Cashmere”, “Stairway to Heaven” and “Full of love” and their ilk, who have entered the public consciousness, down to the deeper cuts that only fans will know, this book covers them all, while also taking a look at the stories behind the often groundbreaking covers, and how whose albums came to be recorded.

Celebrating triumphs and questionable lower points is an alternate story of the band, told through the most important element – the music itself – that has influenced so many people over the years. The story of ZEPPELIN LED is a mad rush. This book shows you why.

Pilkington is a music journalist, editor and host. He was editor-in-chief of Classic Rock Society Magazine Rock Society and is now co-administrator of the rock website Velvet thunder in addition to hosting a weekly internet radio show called “A Saucer From Prog”. Before taking on this full-time job, he spent years writing for fanzines and a part-time Internet music review site. He has recently published books on DARK PURPLE and RAINBOW, THE ROLLING STONES and IRON MAIDEN, all for Sonicbond, and also wrote the official biography of the legendary guitarist Gordon giltrap. He lives in Wigan, Lancashire, UK

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