Kanta Bai by Tony Kakkar


“India is listen to” is a look at what music is very popular in the country at the moment and if it is worth spending time.

Some songs don’t make a lot of sense. They contain little to give you a clear picture of what the song is actually about and should be seen in the larger context of the movie they were made for. Others require clarification from the artist himself. Tony Kakkar’s “Kanta Bai” is one example.

The song itself is correct. The beat is solid, Kakkar’s voice shows his palette of rapper and singer at the same time. But the song is brought down by his lyrics. They are confusing and have been interpreted to mean that Kakkar is singing about someone who works for him. This interpretation was becoming so popular that it deserved clarification from Kakkar in the comments section of the video.

“For those who misunderstood..KANTA BAI is just a name and it’s a very popular name in Maharashtra and we didn’t show her as a maid in the video. Like How JALEBI BAI and AGA BAI are not maids in their respective songs. Karishma Sharma was introduced as my imaginary on-screen girlfriend named KANTA BAI, “he wrote.

The lyrics are a vital part of the song. If the phrasing of the lyrics sounds like something you’re not trying to say, it can confuse the audience, who will perform them with a host of other things in mind. It may be better then to be clear about what you are trying to say.

Overall, “Kanta Bai” is a song about a fantasy that can very easily be misinterpreted as something else.

Who will love it: Fans of Tony Kakkar.

Good: The beat, the voice of Kakkar.

The bad: Words.

The verdict: Listen to this and if you are not confused you can enjoy this song.

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