Ishq Tera by Guru Randhawa


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Guru Randhawa’s “Ishq Tera” aspires to be a thoughtful and well-constructed love song, but fails and is sometimes just boring. The song’s composition layers a scintillating, high-pitched melody with all of the traditional elements one would expect to find in an introspective love song. Despite her best efforts, the song falls flat and turns out to be monotonous.

The song combines an elaborate piano, violin, guitars, synthesizers and trap drums to underpin Guru Randhawa’s voice. The best part of the song is arguably Randhawa’s vocal performance. Her voice is soft and adapts like a glove to the mood of the song. Where the song falls apart, however, is the repetition of the high-pitched melody that plays at the back of the mix from start to finish.

The thing about an instrument or sample that runs through an entire song is that the more discreet the better. Once you notice something repeating itself for almost four minutes, no amount of layering instruments can help break up the monotony it evokes.

While Randhawa does well at composing a memorable song, the choice to include a high-pitched, repetitive melody pulls him alone.

Who will love it: Randhawa fans.

Good: Randhawa’s vocal performance and solid individual instrumental performances.

The bad: The repetitive and annoying melody that runs through the song.

The verdict: If you’re ok with high-pitched melodies, you might like it.

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