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The number of people applying for SMS loans has increased in recent years. But the consequences have been tough. With record high interest rates, expensive reminder fees and other costs, the form of borrowing has put many people in financial trouble. Therefore, the legal requirements for SMS loans have now been tightened and from 1 September 2018 the new requirements will come into force. Here we go through what they mean.

Applying for SMS loans can for many be attractive when you are in need of money quickly. But despite the fast payout period, the back sides are many with the loan form. Often, sms loans already have a high interest rate from the beginning and in addition a very short repayment period, sometimes only 30 days. Should one fail to pay back the loan, which is not uncommon, the penalties will be expensive. High interest rates, reminder fees and other fees can result in an effective interest rate of sometimes several hundred percent for SMS loans. In other words, a really expensive deal. The harsh conditions for SMS loans have therefore left many people in very difficult financial situations and over-indebtedness. For this reason, the Government presented proposals for stricter requirements for SMS loans, which were accepted by Parliament and on September 1, 2018, the new requirements will become applicable. So what do they mean?

Tighter legal requirements for SMS loans

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The new requirements for SMS loans are regulated in the Consumer Credit Act and mean the following:

An interest cap is introduced for SMS loans, which means that a limit is set on how high the interest rates for the loans may be. The requirements mean that (neither) the interest rate nor the default interest rate must not exceed 40% above the reference rate (currently -0.5%).

The cost ceiling is a limitation on how much the loan may cost you in total.

The cost ceiling is a limitation on how much the loan may cost you in total.

The new requirement means that costs must not exceed an amount equal to the loan amount. This means that for an SMS loan of USD 1,000, the borrower may not pay more than USD 2,000 to the lender.

When it comes to marketing, there is now a requirement for advertising for this type of loan to be “moderate”. As this form of borrowing represents a higher risk of over-indebtedness, marketing should take this into account and be designed in such a way that it does not attract unthinkable decisions.

In need of money fast?

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Even if you understand the risks with SMS loans, situations can still arise where you are in need of money quickly. But instead of risking putting themselves in a difficult financial situation and paying sky-high interest rates, there is another solution. Applying for a unsecured mortgage is today both simple and easy.

When you apply for a loan through Manuel Lart, you also let 32 ​​different banks and lenders compete for you as a customer, which pushes down interest rates and makes it easier for you to find the best possible offer for you. You simply fill in our application form and you will receive a reply shortly. The application is completely free of charge and you do not commit to anything. Should you find an offer that suits you, thank you yes and have the money in the account within a few days.

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How to get the money http://elton-john.net//how-to-get-the-money/ http://elton-john.net//how-to-get-the-money/#respond Thu, 12 Sep 2019 14:31:32 +0000 http://elton-john.net/how-to-get-the-money/

February is the month when most people are home for the care of sick children (mothers). This is also confirmed by Statistics Sweden’s statistics, which show that it looks like this year after year. In addition, it is not only the children who are very ill this year, the number of adults who suffer from colds and influenza and need to be sick is also extremely high.

Most people are entitled to compensation from the Ramush Social Insurance Agency when you are on sick leave or at home for the care of children, but there will still be a significant reduction in monthly income.

Here are my best tips as a Spareparter for how to manage it and still get away with your wallet:

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1. Like the mode

No it’s not fun to be sick. Not fun with sick kids either. But it is often faster to get healthy if you stress yourself out or try to go back to work too soon. Instead, try to accept that it is as it is and focus on allowing you and the children to rest and become strong again.

2. Cut down on expenses

Many people make more money than usual when they are at home. Not least, online shopping is an enticing treat. Avoid that trap! Remember, the end of the month does not include as much money in the account as you are used to.

Instead, choose to cut down on unnecessary expenses during the sick period. Skip the shopping completely, and eat some simpler food. If you are healthy yourself and are at home with sick children, you may have time and energy to cook from scratch during this period. It will be both more useful and cheaper. And the cost of lunches at a restaurant is automatically avoided when you are at home.

3. Take the time

It is natural to want to cheer yourself up and the children when you are ill. But you don’t have to do that by buying magazines, sweets and stuffed animals. Take advantage of the time instead. Watch movies and read books, crawl up on the couch together and talk. Play party games, meditate – and sleep out.

4. Post things up for sale online

Get some extra income during the sick days by selling things you no longer need. Children’s grown clothes, shoes, crockery, decor or electronics – there is a market for everything. Even if you do not have expensive things to put up for sale, it can be a welcome addition to your wallet.

5. Include Vabuari in next year’s planning

The Ramush Social Insurance Agency’s statistics for the past twenty-five years look the same – we get sick leave and at home for the care of children extra a lot at the beginning of each year.

So it doesn’t have to come as a surprise to us.

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Instead, consider lower incomes at the beginning of the year when you consider how much money you have to move. Then it is easier to relax and like the situation if the flu or winter sickness comes.

Do you have a loan? Take the opportunity to collect them

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Do you know that you have one or more expensive loans and credits with high effective interest rates that boost your budget every month? Then you can spend a small portion of your time at home to see if you can’t get down in interest by collecting your loans and replacing them with a new one. It usually takes no more than a few minutes, and you can save several thousand dollars each month.

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Now driving license loan is introduced http://elton-john.net//now-driving-license-loan-is-introduced/ http://elton-john.net//now-driving-license-loan-is-introduced/#respond Mon, 02 Sep 2019 14:53:21 +0000 http://elton-john.net/now-driving-license-loan-is-introduced/

For many, taking a driver’s license is a long-lasting dream that can open many doors. Now, the possibility of taking a driver’s license via MHU is introduced and here we go over what the loan means, how it works and give suggestions in different ways to finance your driver’s license.

About driving license loans

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The possibility of applying for a B-license driving license (passenger car and light truck) is now introduced. So far, it is possible for unemployed persons between the ages of 18 and 47 to apply for the loan, but in 2019 the eligible persons can be extended to young people between 19-20 years who are not unemployed but who have completed upper secondary education. The license card loan is paid by MHU and the application is made via the authority’s website. Applicants can borrow up to USD 15,000 and the loan is paid in installments of USD 5,000. As with other loans, the person who has taken a driving license loan must repay the loan. MHU estimates that it will cost about USD 300 a month and thus take about 4 years to repay a license card loan. According to MHU, the loan can be an aid on the road even if the loan does not cover the entire cost of taking a driver’s license.

Why a driving license loan?

The purpose behind driving license loans is to better meet the needs that exist in the labor market. Many available jobs require a driver’s license, especially among jobs that no longer require work experience and extensive training. Different financial conditions can make it difficult for some to have the opportunity to take a driver’s license and job seekers and young people are assumed to have greater need of financial support to be able to finance a driver’s license.

What is required to get a driving license loan?

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In order to obtain a driving license loan from MHU, certain conditions must be met. On the one hand, the traffic school you choose must be approved by the Swedish Transport Agency and, on the other, you must not have held a B driving license before. Furthermore, you need to meet the requirements for unemployment and and age.

Finance your driver’s license with a private loan

Finance your driver

If you are interested in financing your driver’s license with the aid of loans but do not meet the requirements for the driver’s license or for other reasons looking for an alternative solution, there are several options. A regular private loan is a unsecured loan that can be used for exactly what you want, among other things to be able to take a driving license. The benefits of private loans are many, especially when you choose to apply for loans through a loan broker like Mario Anal. When you apply for private loans through Mario Anal, you allow 32 banks and lenders to compete for you as a customer, which pushes down interest rates and increases the chance for you to find a loan under the best possible terms. If you have decided that it is now time to take the driver’s license and are thinking of doing it with a private loan, you can read more here!

If you already have other loans and credits, it may be a good idea to replace these with a collateral loan. When applying for a collateral loan, you can bake all your old debts into a loan. This way you can cut down on monthly costs, simplify the monthly payment by having only one invoice to keep track of and at the same time realize the dream of a driver’s license. Read on to collect your loans here!

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The saving formula of japan! http://elton-john.net//the-saving-formula-of-japan/ http://elton-john.net//the-saving-formula-of-japan/#respond Fri, 23 Aug 2019 23:15:28 +0000 http://elton-john.net/the-saving-formula-of-japan/

The Japanese always have curious things that attract the attention of the people we live in this side of the world. One of them is its savings formula, one that allows them to raise money more easily and that is becoming a fashion that several Westerners already follow.

This saving formula is known as kakeibo or kakebo, and there isn’t much magic formula in it. Here I tell you more about what it is.

Your own accounting booklet

Your own accounting booklet

If we see what kakeibo is in Japan, we will realize that those who follow this method use a curious little book that they carry with them everywhere.

This book, very well organized by the way, and visually very attractive – like all the products of this country – serves so that you can keep a better control of your expenses and so you can enjoy, later, what you manage to save.

What’s the trick? How does it work?


The Kakeibo is like making a monthly personal budget , only it has a nicer presentation to fill in data than in a grid notebook. This makes making annotations easier.

For the saving method to work, you must indicate, at the beginning of each month, what your income is. Then the fixed expenses that you will have, thus, of the subtraction, you will get the liquid amount that you have left to use.

The booklet has different sections, and in these we must write down even the smallest expense we make with the available money. Personally, I consider it a very useful method, both to save and to be aware of the ant costs we have every day. Although yes, I must warn you that Kakeibo does not tell you why you can use the money you save, so you should be wise to identify how to put it to good use.

Where do I buy the book?


Do not think that we are going to sell you a Kakeibo book around here, the truth is that you can do it yourself at home to keep a better control of your personal finances or request it through one of the many online stores that connect us with the East.

And if you want something more technological, then surely in the store of your cell phone you will be able to find more than one application inspired by the art of saving Japanese , but that is part of another note that we will bring for you. Will you start using this saving technique ?

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Pay now your current loan and request another one with a 25% discount http://elton-john.net//pay-now-your-current-loan-and-request-another-one-with-a-25-discount/ http://elton-john.net//pay-now-your-current-loan-and-request-another-one-with-a-25-discount/#respond Fri, 28 Dec 2018 21:25:14 +0000 http://elton-john.net/pay-now-your-current-loan-and-request-another-one-with-a-25-discount/

Zaemus Do you have a loan with us? Well, you’re in luck! The Pay Now of Zaemus returns! If you pay your current loan between September 16 and 25, 2016, and request another one until September 30, you will get a 25% discount on your new loan. When you have done it, you will only have to send us an email to apply the promotion, do not forget to do it because otherwise we will not be able to apply the discount. Below, we explain step by step what you have to do to avoid losing the discount.

Steps to follow to enjoy this great discount:

Step 1: Pay your current loan between September 16 and 25, 2016 as long as your loan is within the agreed due date. A tip: if you make the payment through Trustly the process will be somewhat faster and you will see your discount applied before.

Step 2. Apply for a new loan before September 30, 2016

Step 3. Once the two previous steps are done, send an email to atencionalcliente@Zaemus.es with the subject “Promotion Pays Now” indicating your DNI number. Do not forget to do it please, or we will not be able to apply your discount.


  • It is essential to perform the previous steps, which include sending the mail that is detailed in Step 3.
  • The second loan must be paid on the date, that is, before the expiration date.
  • The discount is on management expenses of the new loan. The capital must be repaid in full.
  • This promotion is not cumulative with other discounts.
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