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(JTA) – (Jewish exhibitor Going through JTA) – A year before his death, 102-year-old Alan Tripp received national media coverage for being the author, broadcaster and distributor of “Senior Song Book,” an album of original songs, with his partner in writing Marvin Weisbord. The album was covered by CBS, NPR, The Washington Post and even “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

“Aside from his limitless creativity, Alan was a hopeless romantic. He wrote verses nonstop and loved to charm an audience, ”Weisbord said in a statement.

Tripp was born in Leavenworth, Kansas, and graduated from Northwestern University. He worked as a reporter in Chicago, radio host in New York, copywriter for a New York advertising agency, and columnist for an advertising newspaper before moving to Philadelphia.

He spent four years in the Army Signals Corps and served in World War II. He became president of the Bauer advertising agency, Tripp, Foley, Inc., which produced weekly live musicals and oversaw local and national television commercials.

He moved to New York City in 1966 and served as President and CEO of Product Resources International before returning to Philadelphia in 1987 to be closer to his family. He was married to his wife, Maggie Tripp, for 73 years.

“He was a source of constant support in all respects to me and my family,” said his granddaughter, Dr. Abigail Tripp Berman.

He died of COVID-19 in Beaumont in the Bryn Mawr retirement community on December 24. He was 103 years old.

This article was originally published in the Jewish exhibitor as part of its COVID-19 obituary coverage.

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Alan Tripp, 103, co-created ‘Senior Song Book’, an album of original songs at 102


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