A fresh look at the songwriting process is showcased in the latest release from The Gringos.

It only happens once so don’t let it go

Framing the idea of ​​an everyday event that could become the inspiration for a song, and then remembering that idea, is the muse behind this song.

It only comes once, so don’t let it go, oh no”

—Joe Vaughn

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The latest release from the 70s rock band The Gringos, It only happens once, examines how a song idea can come from anywhere. The idea for this very song was born from the snippets of notes and ideas that lead singer Joe Vaughn keeps.

It’s hard to tag this song with a specific musical style or genre, but It Only Comes Once is lighthearted and the melody is catchy, with a bounce that gives off a positive vibe. It’s one of those melodies that will stick in your head for a while and make you think about the things around you that could eventually be turned into a poem, a painting, a photograph, or even a song.

Music and lyrics by guitarist and lead vocalist Joe Vaughn and arranged and recorded by Jim Miller, It Only Comes Once is released by the band’s record and publishing companies, Leer Records and Pack O’ Weddels Publishing, respectively.

The idea for The Gringos was the success of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Jim Miller thought it would be cool if the band he was playing in could do a GRT song for the next high school talent show. The leader of this band jokingly said “What will you call the band, The Gringos?” And the rest as they say… was just the beginning.

The band became a powerful hard rock horn band and established themselves in the New England area in the early 70s. In 1975 they produced their own independent album and released it on their own label Leer Records, the same label they record on today.

In 1978, the Gringos were signed to the UA (United Artist) label and their production was overseen by Snuff Garrett and a young songwriter/producer, Steven Dorf.

After learning that the UA label had been sold when the albums were released, instead of airplay, the album was sent straight to the “cut up” bin of record stores. The Gringos had to handle the case alone.

In January 1980, after nearly 10 years of playing together as a band, the band decided it was time to move away from the industry for good, with half of the members remaining in the New England area and the other half returning to Arizona.

In 2015, Select Artists Associates CEO and former manager Charles T. Johnston brought all the band members together for a 4-day reunion in Scottsdale. During this time, the band held many meetings and decided that an effort was needed to get the band back together.

In 2016, the band reunited on Cape Cod for three weeks of rehearsals in preparation for two live performances. But moments before the band was due to perform live for a streaming concert, one of the members fell ill and the band had to go on without him. This emotional loss ended the group’s comeback attempt and all but crushed any momentum that had begun.

However, with the onset of the pandemic and everyone locked down, the group began to meet daily. First via conference calls, then via Zoom internet video. During these meetings, the band hatched a plan that would allow them to begin recording the many songs that had been undeveloped and unfinished from their vast catalog of music. The music heard today was one of the songs from years ago and the emotions still flow from the remaining six original members.

Jim Miller – trumpet, vocals, arranger and producer/sound engineer
Tyler Newcomb – trumpet, vocals, arranger, songwriter
Joe Vaughn – Lead Vocalist, Lead Guitar, Songwriter
Alan Harkrader – lead vocals rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass pedals, songwriter
Clyde Score – Drums, percussion, vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, songwriter
Lynn “Bush” Tivens – trombone, backing vocals, songwriter, band secretary

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