Tuesday, October 19 2021

R Nait’s songs have seen him take on several roles over the past year. He sang songs like “Defaulter” and “Struggler”. The last role he takes on is one with a little more advantage than the other two. “Lootera” by R Nait is a bland ode to a dangerous lifestyle.

The song begins with a simple flute melody that leads to a pop rhythm. Nait begins singing shortly after, and her lines are answered by the rising voice of Afsana Khan. This type of call and response is used in every verse of the song and keeps the verses interesting. The joke between the two singers is the best part of the song.

However, not all parts of the song work as well as the jokes between the two singers. The rhythm is uninteresting and repetitive. Even the change of pace in the middle of the song is short and ends before it’s really fully realized as a musical idea.

The song’s lyrics about leading an avant-garde lifestyle intertwine with the tale of a town girl falling for a dangerous “desi” man. They do little or little, but develop tropes of heavy drinking and glorifying guns.

Overall, R. Nait’s ‘Lootera’ is nice for his jokes but not much else.

Who will love it: R Nait fans, Punjabi / Haryanvi pop fans.

Good: The back and forth of the singers in the song.

The bad: The rhythm, the lyrics.

The verdict: If you’ve heard of R Nait before and liked what it has to offer, you’ll probably enjoy this one.

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