Elton john Credit Learn to sing: choir or private teacher?

Learn to sing: choir or private teacher?

Do you love humming alone, in the shower or driving in your car? Do you like singing in karaoke, in front of your family and friends? Would you like to develop the abilities of your vocal cords or that of your child? You are right, because singing is accessible to all, and it is possible to sing at any age . Taking singing lessons has many virtues. In addition to teaching vocal techniques that allow you to explore all the notes in your range, singing is liberating, stimulates your creativity, your memory and has an anti-stress effect. For the most reserved of us, learning singing makes it easier to get out of your shell and to assert yourself with your voice, your presence and the emotions you have exchanged with the audience. Are you ready to go and wonder how to start learning? We have the answer to all your questions!

Image result for choirSinging in a choir: group learning

Today, when you hear about a choir, you immediately think of the religious ceremonies, the hymns, or the happy-voiced children of the famous Les Choristes movie. The choir is often perceived as obsolete, or even completely has been . However, this is not entirely accurate. Most of the choirs of today have modernized and evolved with their time. Now you have a good chance to learn to sing new songs and different musical styles, in a group often in a friendly atmosphere.

The choir, accessible to all

Learning to sing has several advantages, and the first is ease of access : to join a choir, there is usually no prerequisite and you can register even if you have never sung before.

Discover his tessitura

Singing in the right tone and knowing the extent of your range is not always easy. Singing in a group will force you to quickly find your voice, to place your voice and to sing in the right tone !

Meet and learn from others

What characterizes the choir is undoubtedly the group. Singing in a group will allow you to learn from others, but also from their mistakes. You will also learn not to be disturbed by the false notes or the tempo errors of your neighbor, and continue singing right and rhythm. The choir is also to make beautiful meetings and share his passion without moderation!

Sing while being shy

For singing enthusiasts anxious to release a note in public or even in front of friends or family, the choir is ideal to learn to sing without being confronted, alone, to an audience. Often the group reassures and allows to exploit all its capacities without being restrained by the stress, the fear and the shyness. Little by little, you will gain confidence in yourself and you will gradually succeed in overcoming your discomfort .

Take singing lessons

Another alternative to the choir, perhaps more traditional in our society, is singing lessons with a particular teacher . The lessons with a professional singing teacher are the ideal solution for those who want to make great progress, and in no time.

Having a teacher just for you

The advantage of private lessons is to have the exclusivity of the teacher for the duration of the course. The teacher will only focus on your voice. This is an opportunity to ask him all the questions that go into your head and ask for personalized advice. Remember that it is by being mistaken that one learns from one ‘s mistakes and therefore that one progresses . See in each remark the opportunity to learn and get closer to perfection. Your singing teacher will remain at your disposal, do not hesitate to tell him your apprehensions or the difficulties you encounter, because he is here to guide you and help you find solutions!

Your best asset for your solo career

You love singing for pleasure, but you would like to go a little further and perform in front of several people and why not, have the opportunity one day to record some compositions?
Having a mentor is essential to help you put your finger on small details that you do not do / need more attention. Your voice coach will push you to go beyond your limits and you will achieve performance that you have not necessarily thought to achieve a day.

To be free to choose one’s repertoire

Is there a musical style that particularly attracts you? A piece that you absolutely want to know how to sing? Share it with your teacher so that it targets your expectations and the musical universe in which you really want to evolve. He can help you find scores and make arrangements according to your level and your range.

Have more flexibility in your vocal practice

When studying, working or having children, it is not always easy to reconcile singing lessons with an already busy schedule that is not shelter from multiple unforeseen events. With a particular teacher, and better, a home teacher , you are more free to organize your schedule. Your teacher will adapt to your availability and if you miss a class, you can always catch up later! Do not hesitate, challenge your musical prowess!