Elton john Credit Learn to play the drums on an electronic drum: effective or not?

Learn to play the drums on an electronic drum: effective or not?

As for any instrument, choosing an electronic version has advantages and disadvantages … The disadvantages being quickly moderated by noting the number of hours where it can be used its electronic drum without heaving the neighborhood and repeat to n ‘ any moment! Of course pads exist to reduce the noise of the toms and the snare drum, however enthusiasts of drums and drums living in apartments would be quickly frustrated if the electronic drum did not exist.

Image result for electric drumsThe electronic battery to start on the battery: an asset?

The electronic drum allows you to become familiar with the complete kit of the battery in a user-friendly environment that is usual, and offers an interesting panel of sounds and a return to register: this makes it a perfect   Reliable relay to repeat and review exercises between drumming courses . Of course, depending on the age of the apprentice-drummer and his motivation, it is better to steer you towards models of average range accessible to your budget … but not too low-end , however, because the sound feedback could disappoint and encourage you to put everything back in the original box without even a resale option!

Is an electronic drum totally silent?

Consider the resonance of strikes on cymbals and crates that emit vibrations and can make sound box via the floor: investing in a carpet or even in a platform trimmed in the format of the space of play does not cost very expensive and ensures excellent relations with the tenants of the below!

How to choose your kit in the jungle of electronic batteries?

The ideal would be first a visit to your music store , if possible, accompanied by your drummer who will guide you to what corresponds to your level and can make you progress, without crossing the red line at your blue card! Test visu and on the model exposed without hesitation to return several times! Whatever your choice, a brand known on the market is a guarantee of good workmanship, and a possibility of reselling without difficulty the beginner kit, when you go up a gear.

Buy a new or used electronic drum on the Net: risks?

Well-known addresses – an official online store that commits its reputation, or even sales from individual to private (do not forget the bill and especially a good guarantee of the battery) give good results because many drummers beginners or confirmed are looking to sell their first drums, while you will select with a professional drummer, or with your music teacher, the kit that will be most useful for you to start : remember that you will train often! Chopsticks and stool can be sold as an option. Finally, make sure that the packaging is consistent, and that you are fully returned the kit purchased on photos.

Image result for acoustic drumStudy with his teacher on an acoustic drum and repeat at home on an electronic drum: a disappointment to train?

On the contrary: the difference of the sounds, the volume of the vibrations – always equipped with a helmet in both cases – makes it possible to measure the difference.

For a beginner child , teenager, adult drummer the direct confrontation with an acoustic drumset of play can create a rather rough emotional shock which, if it is pleasant during a concert or in a school of music, can also disturb the perception and prevent focusing on the basic and repetitive learning elements: cymbals, hits chopsticks, good positioning on the stool, tireless training of main sequences …

The electronic drum remains the best asset of the beginner drummer and the drummer who does not spend his time on stage where he plays live on an acoustic drum, but usually repeats on a high-end electronic drum!