Learn to play the drums alone!

Image result for drumsPossible … yes! Easy … No! To acquire the good bases, the adequate postures, the good gestures, it does not improvise and can even cool some future apprentices drummers, teenagers or adults, if they did not start the learning of the battery under correct conditions and with minimal knowledge!

Learn the battery self-taught

Learn to play the drums on your own

Teenager passionate and ready to invest or self-taught adult who wants to start on a good foundation, it is still necessary to apprehend some essential , whether to be able to improvise an ox with a small group of friends, or to undertake a deep learning in order to become a seasoned drummer! Without some benchmarks and tips from a teacher, some mistakes will be more difficult to avoid for a beginner. Learning to play the drums alone is a noisy and ineffective challenge if you are not 200% motivated.

Do not be alone in front of your instrument

For starters, it is important to be well informed before hitting the hi-hat, the snare drum and the cymbals. Viewing learning videos and reading textbooks is the first step in learning. You have to immerse yourself in the world of percussion and become familiar with this new language.

Even if you are not really sure of your abilities, do not hesitate to practice, to practice with other musicians because it will help you to progress considerably, especially if you are confronted with some blockages. Unlike most musical instruments, the drums are not solo instruments, on the contrary, they are enhanced by other instruments. The difficulty lies in the coordination and harmony with the musical ensemble.

If you are an autodidact, pay special attention to:

  • Adjusting your seat your position
  • The position of the battery elements
  • Handling and holding chopsticks
  • Make sure of a nice strike on the instruments
  • Move and distribute yourself in front of the whole battery
  • Master the pedals techniques

To have the rhythm in the skin, it is a plus, but to know how to develop it like Of John Bonham (“Led Zeppelin”) or Ian Paice (“Deep Purple”), while passing by Keith Moon (“The Who”) c ‘ is the must!

Take drum lessons with a music teacher

To begin, taking drumming lessons with a teacher is the safest way to start learning in good conditions . This will give any beginner, regardless of age, a motivation that will make the difference from the very first courses, as well as the assurance of not taking bad habits or accumulate gaps. Drum lessons will allow you to:

  • Master the basics (postures, wand hold, typing)
  • Being able to play rhythms and fills (bearings) with the sequences
  • Knowing how to play music, according to the right tempos
  • Master your game
  • Evolve autonomously

Your music teacher will accompany you throughout your learning and will be present to provide advice and restore confidence in you in case of doubt or decline in motivation. He will help you discover the world of percussion and will be able to point you towards certain references, certain musical styles in which you could well recognize you and to bloom you.

Learning to play the drums is not just making noise by tapping a drum. It is the learning of a set of subtleties that will give structure to a piece. Contrary to popular belief, the battery is not an easy instrument, even if it is accessible to all. It requires personal investment and some willpower .

If you want to become a good amateur or professional drummer, it is essential to master the basics and understand the rhythm and structure of a song. If this sounds complicated, do not give up and do not hesitate to call in a particular teacher!