Elton john Credit Is learning to play the violin as an autodidact possible?

Is learning to play the violin as an autodidact possible?

Image result for violinThe violin is an instrument that fascinates a lot. Modern, chic and yet so classic at the same time, it fits in all musical registers and takes all the sounds. You are then many to ask you if the violin can be learned alone, as an autodidact, far from courts and solfège … Here is our opinion on the question!

Discover the violin, this powerful and fragile instrument

If you’ve ever had a violin and a bow in your hands, you may know that it’s not at all obvious to get a clear sound. The first few weeks of a novice violinist are quite complicated to live for the eardrums around you. The sounds are not clear, squeaky, sometimes damaging the bow too much or not enough tension … The violin is already a complex instrument , physically speaking, in the way you have to handle it. Anyone can tap a drumkit or pinch a guitar’s strings and get the sound right. But it’s quite different for the violin!

Learning to play the violin would then begin by learning the posture of the violinist : what is the right way to hold the instrument, how to use the chin strap wisely and, above all, how to position and handle the bow so as not to get a squeaky sound and unpleasant. The violin is really an instrument that one must learn to handle before playing it.

Learn the violin all by yourself, a journey full of pitfalls

Allegro Music is well placed to talk about such a journey. We explained you recently that music theory was not an imponderable guitar but it could really be very useful. For the violin, things are not so simple. Once you have learned to handle your instrument correctly, you will have to understand how it works: the sound and singularity of each string, the position of the fingers on the key, the optimization of the back and forth of the bow.

A piano is composed of black and white keys differently arranged, a flute has holes or keys, a guitar has frets … All these elements that could allow you to quickly find where to position your fingers do not exist on a violin. A long process of memorization and many practical exercises are therefore necessary to master this instrument.

Learn the violin in a self-taught way, all in nuances

As you can see by listening to a piece of violin, it is an instrument that requires mastery of many nuances: sounds, heights, plucked or rubbed strings … Difficult under these conditions to play a piece without partition, unless one is endowed with a real talent (which is possible!).

If you already know the music theory, once you have been able to determine which finger position gives which note, and on which string, you can start playing, based on a method specially designed for beginners. If, on the other hand, you have never taken a solfege class, you will have to be patient and take the time to discover what a score is, or dare and try to learn the violin “with the feeling”.

The end word of Allegro Musique: even if you want to learn the violin by yourself, taking a few hours with a qualified teacher will help you get off to a good start and avoid early discouragement . Our teachers are open to all proposals and able to deliver a few hours of lessons to start, like several hundred!