5 simple tips to start on the guitar

You decided to put on the guitar? Whether you simply want to amaze your friends or become as famous as Jimi Hendrix, here are some tips for getting started on the guitar! Indeed, it is important to start on a good basis by avoiding some bad habits from the start. You will progress more quickly in your learning of your new instrument.

In a good guitar you will invest!

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Investing in the good guitar is the BA BA! However, when you are an apprentice guitarist , it is not always easy to know where to start and on what criteria to choose. Especially having a guitar that does not fit your needs can make learning a bit more complex. So, for starters, the base of the base: do you want to play acoustic or electric guitar? Many begin with an acoustic because the game techniques that we learn with are quite easily transposable to the electric guitar. Classical acoustic guitars are also generally cheaper and easier to carry (no amplifier to bring anywhere). However, if you want to start with the electric guitar, nothing stops you! When you are in the store, do not hesitate to try different guitars , read their characteristics well and if it is still not more obvious for you, ask a seller for help!

A tuner you will get and just play!

Another important point: it is essential to ensure that your guitar is well tuned every time you play! If this is not the case, you will not be able to correctly learn the different chords and scales you need to play. As long as your ear is not trained, use a tuner to assist you in this task. Once you are more used to it, you will gradually be able to pass this little useful tool!

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Simple and modest you will stay!

Make yourself a reason, unless you are a virtuoso, you will not play Jimi Hendrix from day 1! From this simple observation, you will be humble in the way you have to go to reach the level of this great manitou guitar. You will begin by learning the basics of the guitar , not only the technical bases but also how is your instrument built, what it is made of, how to maintain it. Learn to hold it properly whether you play sitting or standing. Then work on your chords, your scales and your harmonies, know how to decipher a score . While these steps may seem daunting, they build the foundation for your future progress.

Regularly you will train!

Perhaps you have already heard that it takes 10,000 hours of training to master a skill ? The guitar is no exception to the rule! This is why regular practice is essential to improve . To be effective, try to train between 10 and 20 minutes each day, in addition to your lessons with a teacher if you take them. This should allow you to progress quickly.

Fun you will have!

As always with the practice of an instrument, the most important thing is to make you happy! Be happy to play even if, at first, your song sounds terribly wrong. Do not put pressure to reach the level of your friends who practice for 10 years, move at your own pace! Play the songs you like , and if you’re lacking a bit of technique, work on it for your musical purpose. Have fun!